Window Cleaners in Flint

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No one is going to thank me for saying this but window cleaners in Flint are ten a penny.  But most will be using old fashioned technology, damaging the environment or possibly your building. And maybe producing amateur results. I probably shouldn’t tell you this, but a few years ago when my kids were younger we’d drive down streets looking for houses with white streaks on the windows. It sounds sad I know, but I suppose it proves I take my work seriously.

I don’t do that anymore but I suppose I could if I wanted to test how well other Flint window cleaners know their craft.  For us, times have moved on. We are now high window specialists. These days t that means we operate without ladders or cradles. We use ground-based system known in the trade as ‘Reach and Wash’.  It’s safer and quicker than conventional cleaning and works just as well if you live in a bungalow in Flint. And you don’t need a head for heights!

We’ve been operating in the Flint area for many years – at least 10. Customers are a mix of residential and commercial so the work is varied, just the way we like it. Many, actually probably most, are long-standing customers who appreciate we’ve moved with the times when new technology allows.

Now you’d think that with all these window cleaners out there in Flintshire prices would be lower. But they are not. And not if you want a job well done. But the big issue is that sometimes people and businesses put up with rubbish work.

Now you might be able to switch and save money but you might not but chances are you can find a company who’ll do a better job. We offer an environmentally friendly service that’s kind to windows and buildings but still produces fantastic results. We also – and this is very important when everyone says they are short of cash – practice ethical pricing and offer price guarantees for x months. This means the price of your contract won’t change in that period. That’s fair dibs we think.

In any week we can work on or for:

*Residential landlords

*Flint commercial or social landlords

* Listed or heritage buildings

* Eco Homes

*Flats and Apartments

* Schools and Care Homes

* Independent Hotels

* Retailers

* Offices

So ask yourself. Is your current Flint window cleaner getting complacent? Are their prices rising? Are they still using a bucket and shammy leather? Are they unreliable?  Or do they using sub-contractors? Is your current window cleaner in Flint retiring or closing down? Are you looking for a greener option?

Lots of questions I know. But if you’re looking for personal service , and great results, speak to us.

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